Impact Farming has its roots in the Smallholder Farmers Alliance in Haiti.


The Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) applies a social enterprise model to help feed and reforest a renewed Haiti by establishing farmer cooperatives, building agricultural export markets, launching a micro-credit bank, creating rural farm businesses and contributing to community development.

The SFA’s 3,200 farmer members currently plant one million trees a year, have increased crop yields by an average of 40% and have generally doubled their household income. 

The organization operates as a non-profit charitable foundation under the laws of Haiti.

Impact Farming was inspired by the SFA, which is now its most important program.



Number of farmer members: 3,200

Percentage of farmer members who are women: 46
Number of non-farmer members receiving training: 900
Number of tree nurseries: 19
Number of tree planted since start in 2010: 4,916,000 (including trees that will still be in the nursery at the end of 2015 awaiting transplanting)
Land under cultivation by farmer members: 2,550 hectares / 6,300 acres
Number of women farmer members currently receiving micro-credit loans: 102
Estimated average increase in crop yields by farmer members: 40
Estimated average increase in household income by farmer members: 50
Estimated number of additional children of farmer-members placed in school: 3,400
Estimated total number of farmers (members and non-members) plus their family members impacted: 13,520